Saturday, 26 April 2014

New brushes!!

Nothing like new brushes to enthuse a man to paint more. Well, maybe new miniatures.....     .....or the prospect of gaming.....  .....well you get what I mean.

Monday, 7 April 2014

More Glory for Papa Nurgle - Easter Gaming Part 1

Albrecht Griegir looked out into the courtyard where he was to be burned as a heretic. The pyre had not yet been built, but some Nuns had gathered early to witness his death. It was then that Albrecht could not contain the smile that crossed his dry and blistered lips. The nuns in question were ludicrous! His hairy Pestigors and his new human followers had clearly killed the original habit wearers (and left the blood and rips open for all to see). Even the slathering beast that Albrecht had taken as a pet was dressed as one of Sigmar's worshippers; such delightful hypocrisy! How in the Old World, did they get passed the sentries.

Guards came to escort Albrecht to his final holding place. He winced at the brightness, as he was lead outside. His eyes quickly became accustomed to the light. Looking across to the main gate, Griegir realised how his followers had been allowed to enter: the sentries were also badly disguised followers of Chaos.