Sunday, 9 August 2015

And BOYL begins (well began…..over a week ago….)

Well just over a week after the event, I'm finally getting down to some blogging. (This will be no surprise to my elite [read as very few] followers. I am nothing if not consistent in my inability to blog regularly.) 

So first day of BOYL saw me at GW central playing Inquisimunda (an adaption of Necromunda with more exotic warbands). The setting was simply (!?!) nine players [Axiom, Captain Crooks, Whiskey Priest,  Just John, Cheetor/Sho3box, Graham, Gadge, Asslessman, Paul and me] split into 2 factions. We played in some Tau ruins where the goal of the Faction that my Rogue trader supported wanted to gain information from the console at the top of the central tower, therefore our opponents' aim was to destroy it.