Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sensei, Ratskins and an old find

Well, my order from Hasslefree miniatures arrived (including a free mini, as I ordered just before they started their 20% off for May [How great is that company!!!]) So I am getting ready to paint my Sensei and her band during the next month or so.

The Sensei and Her Pack

In the centre is Lady Nkiruka, her companions are a cantankerous old Squat, an Ex-Imperial Guard Officer and the Mangrel Pug Brothers.

This gave me motivation to jump in the loft for some basing supplies. I also brought down with me the Ratskins that I managed to find ready for Asslessman's Confrontation/Necromunda game at BOYL2014. Turns out I have quite a few to choose from….

My Ratskin Horde

One of these (or another model yet to be found) needs to be converted into a driver for the GorkaMorka-esk Bash organised by Whiskey Priest. However, that is for another blog post, once I have the vehicle to convert too.

Finally, whilst digging around I also came across a happy surprise. I knew they were up there somewhere, but was pleased to find my Rogue Trooper and Chainsaw Warrior miniatures. TA DA!

Rogue and his friends

Anywho, that's all for now. I should be undercoating the Sensei etc in the next week or so.

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