Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hard BOYLed Treats - The Overdue, "What I bought at my weekend at theFoundry"

Ok, so I should really have (and intended to) posted this about two weeks ago. However, with a week in Wales at the Mother-In-Law's, exam results and preparing for a new job at a new school, I have been remiss and not put this tease of toys on my blog.

Anyway, I grew up reading 2000AD and have always loved the comic series containing big robots what kicks a*se!

I have regularly looked at the models for them online, but never committed to buying them. Being at the Foudry and seeing them in person, the urge finally overtook me and I bought all of the ABC Warrior models available. Whiskey Priest and I are planning to play a kind of ABC Warriors impossible stand against an over-whelming force of Volgans.(Sorry for the blurry picture.)

The eagle-eyed will have noticed the following:
  1. There are two copies of Joe Pineapples
  2. There is no Mongrol
  3. There is no Nemesis

The reasons for this are:
  1. I intend to convert one of the Joe models to show him in drag (Fans will know why).
  2. They don't make one! (Nor does anyone else at the moment, although there are a number of rumours being batted around.)
  3. The Foundry didn't have a Nemesis in stock.
This last point was easily rectified by the Foundry who quickly offered to let me pay for the model and they'd cast one for me a send it with no postage fee! (The whole of the staff there are amazing, Ansells and non-Ansells alike!)

The three figures beside the Warlock arrived with him as a bonus, which was total unnecessary and greatly appreciated.

Speaking of freebies, with my purchases (and the ones that I paid for in order to refund Rab for paying the hotel bills) I got to rumage in the Snorclings tub and here are the bits I pulled out.

Obviously the elf with a bow was paid for (it was from the £1 cupboard), but the Slaine model had escaped it blister and was mssing the cauldron that goes with him so he was thrown in the bag!!!!

In addition to all of the above, I also aquired my BOYL2014 miniature gaming tables organised by Cheetor and my datacards from two of the games that I played (thank you to Asslessman and Captain Crooks).

.... a minotaur that I had arranged to pick up from axiom.....

... and of course the very cool Kev Adams sculpt that has become unofficially named BOYLdrick.

Anway, that was my haul from the weekend. I'm really happy with them, now lets see how long it takes me to actually paint them all!!!!

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