Sunday 9 August 2015

And BOYL begins (well began…..over a week ago….)

Well just over a week after the event, I'm finally getting down to some blogging. (This will be no surprise to my elite [read as very few] followers. I am nothing if not consistent in my inability to blog regularly.) 

So first day of BOYL saw me at GW central playing Inquisimunda (an adaption of Necromunda with more exotic warbands). The setting was simply (!?!) nine players [Axiom, Captain Crooks, Whiskey Priest,  Just John, Cheetor/Sho3box, Graham, Gadge, Asslessman, Paul and me] split into 2 factions. We played in some Tau ruins where the goal of the Faction that my Rogue trader supported wanted to gain information from the console at the top of the central tower, therefore our opponents' aim was to destroy it. 

[Sorry for the poor pics, they were taken in a rush on my iPhone.]

Ptolome Jones and his crew
My gang/crew for the fight was the rag-tag followers of the Rogue Trader, Ptolome Jones. To the concern of the other players, Ptolome had procured the services of not one, but two Orgyn and had a tamed Ambull in tow.

The field of battle and the tower atop which sat the target console.
In addition to the main mission, we were given a personal objective; mine was to kill as many big guys and Xenos as possible during the battle, whilst ignoring the console. As luck would have it, I was set up opposite Cheetor, whose gang consisted of 4 Xenos beasties!

A cautious start
Ptolome's crew began creeping towards their target. They used the cover available, unsure as to the long range capabilities of the opposition.

At the far end of the table shots are fired.
At the other end of proceedings, Graham's Genestealer Cult betrayed us! Axiom's Inquisitor Dirske did not take kindly to being fired upon and retaliated.

At this point Ptolome's crew were in range of Cheetors aliens, so all thoughts of the other factions became irrelevant (You can find accounts of the rest of the battle on other players' blogs).

The Ogryn and Ambull lead the charge.
Having experienced first-hand the inability of Cheetor's Xenos warriors to shoot (his dice were appalling and the few shots that did hit failed to wound at all for the whole game!). Ptolome ordered the charge! He wanted the bounty on the alien creatures heads.

After suffering the loss of a comrade the aliens flee.
Ivanus fired his plasmagun from cover and splatter one of the tree-like beings (hopefully what was left would be enough to claim some money!). The other 3 did not have the courage to face the oncoming force and fled; claiming that they had been successful in tying up Ptolome's crew - cowards!

All of a sudden there was quite quiet across the battlefield. At the top of the tower, a single genestealer had somehow managed to press the correct buttons on the console to erase the data sort by Inquisitor Dirske.

The main mission completed, the game was over and cowardly Xenos ran from the board having failed to cause a single wound to my crew.

The leaders of all nine warbands.
It was a fun game and I really hope to play more Inquismunda in the future.

Over the next week (or so), I will post more of the games that I played during the BOYL weekend as well as taking some proper pictures of my finished Ash Waste Nomads that I used as the bulk of Ptolome's crew.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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