Thursday, 10 March 2016

Do Rogue Traders dream of electric goats?

7 months late, but it's never to late to talk about BOYL!

BOYL15's film related game was 'Do Rogue Traders Dream of Electric Goats' (or I supposed 'Goatrunner' would work too).

JB (asslessman) GMed the game of Replicants, Police, Corporate lackies and Gangers. All with their own goals/motives and a heap load of firepower!

My replicant band (right) set up near a bunch of thugs.

The game was fast with groups of 4(ish) for each player. None of us knew the others' goals, not even whether they were even human or replicant.

Bikers ride into town, barrelling straight at a group of civilians.

On the other side of the table, bikers attacked civilians. And a bunch of corporate types charged over a raised walkway and began shooting their guns at the gangers. (This is not pictured as it was way over the other side of the table and I kind of forgot about it, sorry.)

The boys in blue arrive and immediately laydown some covering fire.

As the police arrived, they challenged the nearest group and having found a replicant amongst them, began 'dispensing justice'.

Having found the thugs to be fellow replicants, my crew charge in to take out the 'filth'.

My guys ran to the aid of their replicant buddies. With their enhanced strength and speed, they quick took care of the police officers they encountered. I was at this stage I found the flaw in my aggressive action - the police had reinforcements and just kept on coming.

The bikers find the civilians harder to deal with than expected. Some group up and say hello to a local Lady of the Night.

On the far side of the table......things happened!?! I was so engrossed in my side of the game I lost track of what was going on elsewhere.

I think it can be summed up as:
  • People shot guns at other people, so those people shot back.
  • Some of the people on both sides died
  • A prostitute found a punter.
  • more shooting and dying.

The last of my Inhuman group fall to the on-going tide of blue.
The tide of blue proved too much for my genetically improved players and they fell to the onslaught of lead.

At this point my game was over. I would usually stay to watch the end result, but I had a game of Blood Bowl to play in the OldBowl tournament.

This game was fast, fun and brutal - Thanks JB!

Coming soon......... Anarchy in the UnderHive (my last belated BOYL report.

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