Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Champions Converge!

Today Rab, Malc and myself got together for our first Realm of Chaos warbands gaming session. 3 Warbands had 3 games in the day. Although I will do a more narrative description of future sessions, here is brief outline of todays battles:

The first battle saw Rab's Tzeentch champion ambushing my Nurgle band in a cavern, attempting to steal a scroll he carried. We had minimal scenery, but managed to make do.

The Tzeentchen warband:

The Nurgle Warband:

The scroll contained a Great Unclean One, but greed stopped me from releasing it. This proved a mistake, as Rab's warriors and his Deamon Sword wielding champion made quick work of my Nurgle followers. However, in the post game Rab rolled DEATH for both of his casualties! However, his champion came back to serve as an Undead Champion. Tzeentch having obviously decided he owed more service for the gifts he had received.

The second game was Khorne vs Tzeentch. This was hilarious! The scenario had the Khorne Warband's beastmen masquerading as nuns, whilst the Tzeentchen beast men were disguised as guards. This would require very poor eyesight in any observer to work!

Despite winning the main combat, the Tzeentch lost the scenario, as the Khorne followers routed through the gateway that they needed to escape through to win! (Oh and Rab rolled another DEATH on one of his two casualties!)

The final game of the day was Khorne vs Nurgle, both attempting to open a sarcophagus to steal it's mystery contents. This became a to and fro combat around the sarcophagus won by the Khorne side. This turned out to be very good for Malc as he gained a Collar of Khorne.

By the end of the day, none of the warbands had gained new follows, but rewards had been gained: 2 for the Khornite and 1 for the Nurgle follows; all turning out to be mutations.

Really, good fun. However, I realise just how much of the rules I have forgotten. Definitely plenty of reading needed before the next meet up.


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