Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Warband Groweth

After our first day of gaming, we collectively agreed that an extra roll on the retinue table was needed, in the hope that games being a matter of who won the single combat in the middle of the battlefield could be avoided.

My new addition turned out to be 4 cultists of Nurgle lead by a sorcerer magus (level 10). This sounded good to me, but then I hit a wall! I could not find any cultist figures that fitted the RoC range. I hunted numerous forums for ideas and did multiple searches on EvilBay (finding one suitable set of figures on a 'buy it now' for about £300!!!).

In my head I could remember a set of cultists, mad looking individuals stripped to the waste. For a while I thought they may be Dark Eldar models (grotesques or such like), warped by my ageing memory. Then on a search for 40mm square bases (how are they so expensive these days?) I stumbled across the figures I of which I had been thinking:
Picture from the Heresy Miniatures website

They are the Dark Brethren miniatures available from, sculpted by Paul Muller (who has some lovely miniatures on sale at Although slightly more slender than many of the old citadel miniatures, IMO Paul's sculpts are very much of the same Oldhammer 'feel'. I was sold when I realised that Heresy were offering 20% discount at the moment! 

All I will need to do is cut down the weapons and sculpt/pin on single-hand weapons to the Brethren and do some more extensive conversions on the Tunnel Priest for my Magus.

In addition to the cultists, my champion's followers have been rewarded with a daemonic beast. Luckily I have 2 of the old slug Beasts from back in the day:
Picture shamelessly stolen from Google Images

My aim is to have these models in my hands, constructed, converted and painted by mid-April. I'll post some progress pics in the coming weeks.

Nurgle's word is spreading like oozing slime.

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