Sunday, 30 March 2014

Nurgle Followers and Foldio

Well, I've been adding to my Nurgle warband ready for more RoC dice rolling on the 7th April. Painting has been a non-entity since the last game, but I have managed some minor conversions for the new arrivals.

In addition, this week my foldio arrived! Here it is:

This nifty little light box deserved a play so I took a picture of my champion with a black background:

And then a picture of the warband in its current state with a white background:

I then found I had a quiet half hour, so I finish the addition of mandibles to the Beast of Nurgle (used to represent the 'horns' mutation in gaming terms). Photos of this will be in a future blog, as I had put the Foldio away by this point.

My aim is to have the beast prepped and the beastmen finished before the game in just over a week.

I'm hoping that as the daylight hours increase, so will my productivity (and blog updates).


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