Sunday, 28 December 2014

Inquisitor Nkurika hunts a seasonal heretic

Given what will be my last gaming opportunity of 2014, last night I headed over to the home of Whiskey Priest for a bit of Rogue Trader action.

Once I had met his delightful wife (how is it that so many gamers manage to punch above their weight in this area?) and been introduced to two junior 'Whiskey Adepts', we settle down to a seasonal senario.

The plot was a simple one: my Inquisitor (a part played by Lady Nkiruka - My Sensei from the BOYL quickening game) was charged with stopping a Heretic. This red-wearing idolator, known to some as Santa, needed an 'item' from a space elf trader. Nkurika had hired a small band of local thugs to suppliment her usual band. The success criteria were very straight forward. Stop the deal or kill the heretic!

Nkurika and her band watched the heathens land and then once they had disembarked, entered town blocking their return to the shuttle.

The Enemy wondered through town, unkowing of their impending doom.

The trader waited, his mood grey at best. The fat, red-coated fool would have to negotiate hard, if he was to secure the deal he needed.

The retinue charged with maintaining the Emperor's order dispersed to trap the infidel: cutting them off from their escape craft and flanking them to create a cross-fire.

Santa's villainous crew suspected all was too quiet and moved to gain the advantage of higher ground over any would be attackers.

The stuffed turkey with his frosty beard reached his contact and discussion began.

The battlefield was set and now only time would tell whether the righteous would prevail.

One of the Dog soldiers (part of The Lady's retinue) took an misguided run between buildings and found himself shot at by the thugs who had reached the top of the stairs. However, with their attention diverted, Imamu (Leader of the hired guns in support of the glory of His name) ordered his crew forward. Gunfire echoed off the surrounding buildings, until a solid slug from Imamu's shotgun felled the first of the traitor force.

Unfortunately, Imamu's valour was not rewarded with the Emperor's protection; a Bolt round dispatched him in the next barrage.

Meanwhile, the Lady and her trusted companions subtly manoeuvred through the shadows to be able to catch the wanted felon in the act of heresy undertaken.

Unknowing of his impending judgement, the villainous Santa completed his discussions, having secured what he required. It now fell to the inquisitor to eliminate the fiend with extreme prejudice!

By shear chance the fat man chose to return to his ship which took him away from the approaching Inquisitor.

The scene was now set for a showdown between the two bands. By now two from each group had perished in the firefight. Nkurika would need to redeploy her followers quickly, in order to ensure that the fight was a fair one.

After some atrocious shooting the fattest mercenary charged the murderer of his fallen friends, hacking him down, with the jagged blade he carried.

His killing glory was short-lived as he was doused with burning fuel from a flamer, melting the flesh from his face.

Seeing his group hard-pressed, the cowardly idol of a forgotten god revealed his despicable disregard for his supposed comrades. Using diabolical powers, he teleported away from the trouble to a rooftop far from trouble and nearer his escape route.

Whilst all this occurred, Butcher (the only combatant not bearing a firearm) joined combat with the wielder of the flamer that had caused the torturous demise of his obese gang mate.

Despite being within reach of his escape from the encounter, the over-eating obscenity could not resist his murderous urges. He stepped to the edge of the roof and disintegrated the poor defenceless Dogman (give or take a plasma gun), shooting him in the back with a meltagun!

Battle raged on; Santa's band executed, one by one.

Santa's foul and murderous actions, had left him in view of the Emperor's missionaries. Twice he was hit by shots and twice he was saved by the dark powers of his displacer field (even surviving a fall from the top of a building, when he was 'displaced' into open air).

Despite the valiant efforts of the Inquisitor and her followers and the righteous destruction of Santa's entire crew, the over-sized master of breaking and entering managed to reach his vessel.

He taunted his pursuers, ducking their futile shots, as he boarded the spacecraft. Lady Nkurika had failed. Feeling the burning anger growing in her chest, she vowed to find the Arch-fiend and destroy him!

As if he had heard her thoughts, Santa lent from the hatch during take-off and gave a gesture unsuitable to be reported here!

Damn you Santa!!!

I really enjoyed the game and hope that many more such games will take place between myself and WP  (and the other members of OGRE) in the coming year.


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