Tuesday 16 December 2014

Nomadic Meanderings

Well, I've been away from the hobby for too long! A new job in a challenging school has left no time to attend to my Oldhammer projects.

So what do I do when I get a second to pursue my hobby? Start a new project of course!

Inspired by the fun I had playing confrontation at BOYL2014 and miniatures converted and painted by Whiskey Priest and Axiom, I'm making a Nomad Gang.

The reason for a Nomad gang is that I rolled one up with a friend of mine. He rolled up a Bratt gang and we fully intend to play them at some point in 2015 (He lives in Scotland and me in East Anglia, so we rarely get the opportunity to meet up).

First up for the project is the Gang Leader. Here is the model that I have chosen to convert into my mighty Warrior of Ash-Waste Survivalism:

I will be doing the conversion, inspired by the art from the Confrontation rules published White Dwarf all those years ago:

I have not made a huge amount of progress just yet, but I have managed to file off the imperial insignia and some of the headscarf (this is to make room for a tall, wide-brimmed hat). My leader has also liberated a sword from a Ratskin Chieftain.

My hope is to continue with the conversion over the Holday season; hopefully getting around to painting himon or around the New Year.

I'll post more once significant progress is made. (I also have picked out my model for the Raw Recruit of my gang, but that will wait until my leader is finished.)

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