Monday, 21 May 2018

Fun-Loving Criminals

I’m amazed, but I’ve reached 100 painted items of painted hobby stuff in 2018 (I’m counting scenery too). This is particularly amazing for me, as I normally only get about 30 to 40 done in a year!!!

At this summer’s BOYL myself and other WIPsters will be playing a game of Dracula’s America. 

However, not a group to play games in total vanilla, we will be playing it ‘in space’ - Bravestarr style!

Those who follow this blog (and have the patience of saints, as I am so bad at keeping it up to date), will know I like 2000AD and its iconic characters. With this in mind (and the approach of the magical 100 painted items), what else could I do but take inspiration from one of my favourite 2000AD storylines: Sinister Dexter. 

These gun toting assassins will be joining an eclectic bunch of characters, to battle in the future-west. 

So without further ado, here is my take on Ramona and Finnegan. 

Hope you like them.

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