Saturday, 11 November 2017

Brothers left behind

Some of the guys on the Oldhammer Forum are already planning a game for BOYL2018. The concept is a space marine chapter that has lost contact with Terra; out of touch with the Emporer of mankind.

These marines have had to fare for themselves. Over the centuries, their equipment has failed, injuries and fallen brothers has reduced their number. They have lost their purpose and now they live for themselves; rampaging across the planet taking what the need (or simply want) to survive. They are the STAR BASTARDS!

Inspired by the idea (and tiring of painting Nurgle deamons) I decided to start a side project of making my first Star Bastard.

Jumping up into the loft, I found some beakies that I’ve had since they were released and some of the plastic Catachan soldiers from back in February 2000. These were all glued together and unpainted, but nothing that a quick bit of sawing couldn’t fix.

Add a bit of Procreate and Greenstuff and my first bastard is done. Finished product + WIPs can be seen below (Comments welcome as always!):

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