Tuesday 30 December 2014

Small Nomadic movements

Well the holiday season has not proved as productive from a painting and modelling perpesctive as I had hoped, but I did get to play a very fun game with Whiskey Priest and also jumped up into the loft and found the models that I will use for the other members of my starting Nomad gang.

But first an update on the small amount of progress on my leader:

He now has the central (tall) part of his hat and I have filled the gap at the join of the sword hand. Next decision is whether to give him an Inca style shawl or a fur lined cloak. Opinions welcome!

Now for the remaining gang members:

The brave will be my 'raw recruit' - armed with just a handbow. The other two will be 'Hardened Fighters' - both armed with sword, stub gun (from the sprue of weapons at their feet) and shield (I aim to make riot shields from plasticard). All three will be heavily converted (the Tallarn less so) to be wrapped up with headscarfs etc.

Well, that's my mini update and my last post of 2014. I intend 2015 to see weekly posts, which means weekly progress on something. 

Happy New Year one and all!

Sunday 28 December 2014

Inquisitor Nkurika hunts a seasonal heretic

Given what will be my last gaming opportunity of 2014, last night I headed over to the home of Whiskey Priest for a bit of Rogue Trader action.

Once I had met his delightful wife (how is it that so many gamers manage to punch above their weight in this area?) and been introduced to two junior 'Whiskey Adepts', we settle down to a seasonal senario.

The plot was a simple one: my Inquisitor (a part played by Lady Nkiruka - My Sensei from the BOYL quickening game) was charged with stopping a Heretic. This red-wearing idolator, known to some as Santa, needed an 'item' from a space elf trader. Nkurika had hired a small band of local thugs to suppliment her usual band. The success criteria were very straight forward. Stop the deal or kill the heretic!

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Nomadic Meanderings

Well, I've been away from the hobby for too long! A new job in a challenging school has left no time to attend to my Oldhammer projects.

So what do I do when I get a second to pursue my hobby? Start a new project of course!

Inspired by the fun I had playing confrontation at BOYL2014 and miniatures converted and painted by Whiskey Priest and Axiom, I'm making a Nomad Gang.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

An Elf on a Quest to Oldhammer

I present to you the young Prince Epheldir:

Youngest of his brothers (and with but a single younger sister), Epheldir is drawn to seeking adventure in the lands of men. Fascinated by the way these short-lived beings squander their limited time in the world.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Hard BOYLed Treats - The Overdue, "What I bought at my weekend at theFoundry"

Ok, so I should really have (and intended to) posted this about two weeks ago. However, with a week in Wales at the Mother-In-Law's, exam results and preparing for a new job at a new school, I have been remiss and not put this tease of toys on my blog.

Anyway, I grew up reading 2000AD and have always loved the comic series containing big robots what kicks a*se!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

OGRE Elf choices

For a game in September of 'Oldhammer Quest' run by Erny, I have decided to play an elf. I've had a quick look in the loft and found the following:

Saturday 16 August 2014

Imamu's Eradicators play their part in a CONFRONTATION! - SundayAfternoon BOYL2014

The final game of the weekend for me was something that I was really looking forward to. Not only was it being played on Whiskey Priest's excellent Ferrograd board, but it was also using a ruleset that I had dreamed about since reading them in WD years ago - CONFRONTATION!

JB (Asslessman) had devised the scenario and each of the 3 players had personal objectives (with a back story) and very different equipment and skills.

My Gang, Imamu's Eradicators, consisted of:

Jelani Imamu - Shotgun wealding leader of the gang
Old Father Tuma - The groups spiritual guide, who also packs a shotgun
Butcher - A quiet psycho with no ranged weapons, preferring a machete and a tiger claw
Rufus Blaine - A fat mechanic who prefers an old school crossbow to modern firearms
Jakob Payne - A young hothead with a flamer

The gang had three objectives:

1. Protect Abdul Goldberg (a piece of skum who has information that Imamu's superiors don't want in the wrong hands).
2. Eliminate as many gangers as possible (it's all about reputation!).
3. Stay away from the Imperial authorities (reputation has its down sides).

Thursday 14 August 2014

Vroom Vroom Dakka Dakka - Sunday Morning BOYL2014

This is the third of four installments of my game write ups from BOYL. Today is the turn of Sunday morning's game of Gorkamorka using Vehicles that we had made. The Line up was...

Whiskey Priest's Death Cab (Humans)
Otto Von Bismark's Da Red Shadowz (Orks)
Asslessman's Kill Dozer (Squats)
Axiom's Brattmobile (Humans)
Cheetor's Mushroom Kloud Tour Bus (Orks)

Wednesday 13 August 2014

A Gathering of Immortals - Saturday Afternoon BOYL2014

This is post is a brief account of the second (organised) game that I took part in at BOYL. The premiss of the game was a 'gathering' of immortal beings, fighting until there was only one left alive (this may sound a little familiar to anyone who has seen anything from the 'Highlander' franchise.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Cursed Angels do the Judging - Sat morning [BOYL2014]

Pa Angel knew that those danged Judges were holed up in the building in front of them. It had taken some quick rangling of the muties to put a ambush together before they could be extracted, but he had done it. Now, standing ready with his family around him, he gave the signal to attack....

[Pa gives his clan their instructions for the battle]

Monday 11 August 2014


Well the joy that was BOYL2014 is over. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and have made some good friends and enjoyed put names and faces ot the online nicknames.

This post is just a quick one to acknowledge the fun. Over the next week, I'll put together more indepth reports of the games that I enjoyed.

Here are a few pictures to show how amazing things were:

I was also totally gobsmacked by how accomodating the Ansell's are (along with the others working at the Foudry)

This is an event that is now firmly fixed as an annual outing in my calendar,

Next installment willl be my account of Pa Angel's successful ambush of Judge Dredd!!! (Possibly a slightly biased account.)

Friday 8 August 2014

A cheeky little trial run of vroom vroom

Since Mister Rab was engaged in the start of the BOYL siege, and some of us had nothing special going on, Cheetor kindly invited me to join him along with Just John and Otter Von Bismark to a trial run of the Gorkamorka game to be played on Sunday morning.

And so BOYL begins

Mister Rab and I arrived at the Foundry at about 4.30pm to find the siege game already underway.

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Talisha takes to the road - Hiver's vehicle completed (well I'll probably graffiti it later on)

Talisha is the name Imamu has given to his people carrier. Meaning 'fortunate woman', he hope the name will be an omen for the gang.

Here she is:

Forward view

Saturday 2 August 2014

Imamu's Eradicators - Undercity Gang

In preparation for BOYL2014 (for which I am seriously behind) I have finally completed my gang for the Confrontation game.

I present Imamu's Eradicators:

Monday 21 July 2014

Sensei Band complete! (For now….)

First day of the school holiday and I got some painting time! I have so much to do for BOYL, I have decided to work on each project until finished; rather than dipping in and out between them all.

Today, I finished the Sensei band for the "Quickening" game. This entailed finishing the Mangrel brothers Butus (with THE Bone - a big gun painted white) and Rufus (the more subtly armed of the two).

Here they are:

Monday 14 July 2014

I got me a jalopy!

I've finished putting my vehicle together for BOYL. Here she is:

Monday 7 July 2014

A lackey for the Lady

I've actually done a bit of painting! I've started my Underhivers (with flesh base colours and wash), got a 2 lackeys nearly done and one finished!!!

Meet Garth Jergunson:

Saturday 21 June 2014

A cheeky little purchase

IWell, with the prospect of actually playing the original version of Necromunda, Confrontation, I have been getting more and more excited about BOYL.

In the run up to the event, I decided to buy the rules that were adapted to make Confrontation: Laserburn. 

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Underhivers get a base (each)!

Whilst watching TV tonight I have prepped and based my underhivers. 

I'll get them undercoated tomorrow and add them to the painting queue, behind my Sensei's lackies. 

Sunday 15 June 2014

Lady Nkiruka - Star Child and Herald of the Emperor's Coming

Thanks to the motivation of Chico's Sci-Fi based weekly challenge, I have actually painted a model!

Introducing Lady Nkiruka - My Sensei for the 'Quickening" event at BOYL:

Thursday 12 June 2014

Underhivers usurp ratskins

Well, I was going to paint some ratskins for BOYL and Asslessman's Confrontation event. But.....

I was up in the loft after struggling to decide which ratskins to use when I saw these:

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Small Steps to Sensei-dom

Just a quick update on my progress with Lady Nkiruka and her band. Tonight saw some filing, pinning and basing.

Tomorrow will see them undercoated. 

(The observant will notice a missing character. He has a non-slotter base to be filed off and as surplus to my BOYL needs, he can wait.)

Sunday 1 June 2014

Sensei, Ratskins and an old find

Well, my order from Hasslefree miniatures arrived (including a free mini, as I ordered just before they started their 20% off for May [How great is that company!!!]) So I am getting ready to paint my Sensei and her band during the next month or so.

The Sensei and Her Pack

In the centre is Lady Nkiruka, her companions are a cantankerous old Squat, an Ex-Imperial Guard Officer and the Mangrel Pug Brothers.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Going Sci-Fi with a Sensei

This is very premature, but when Asslessman on the Oldhammer forum suggested an immortal game using Sensei at BOYL2014, I couldn't resist rolling a Sensei band.

Here is what I rolled: 

Sunday 4 May 2014

Finally some progress on my Nurgle Warband! (Only 3 months behind schedule!)

Well I have finally got my warband to the point where it should have been for the first games in February.

As you can see I have completed the 4 Pestigor that my champion Started with as followers. It is a shame that 2 of these are already dead in the game!

Thursday 1 May 2014

Dwarf! - or spent too long looking at minis online!

Well I spent some time looking at Hasslefree miniatures website, particularly the fantasy dwarves. 

Needless to say, I now have future plans for a dwarf army (very long term plans). 

Well, after this I had a class doing a test and couldn't resist doing a doodle, so here is my 1hr and a half sketch of a dwarf.  

He's not great, but for the time taken, I'm quite pleased with him. 

Saturday 26 April 2014

New brushes!!

Nothing like new brushes to enthuse a man to paint more. Well, maybe new miniatures.....     .....or the prospect of gaming.....  .....well you get what I mean.

Monday 7 April 2014

More Glory for Papa Nurgle - Easter Gaming Part 1

Albrecht Griegir looked out into the courtyard where he was to be burned as a heretic. The pyre had not yet been built, but some Nuns had gathered early to witness his death. It was then that Albrecht could not contain the smile that crossed his dry and blistered lips. The nuns in question were ludicrous! His hairy Pestigors and his new human followers had clearly killed the original habit wearers (and left the blood and rips open for all to see). Even the slathering beast that Albrecht had taken as a pet was dressed as one of Sigmar's worshippers; such delightful hypocrisy! How in the Old World, did they get passed the sentries.

Guards came to escort Albrecht to his final holding place. He winced at the brightness, as he was lead outside. His eyes quickly became accustomed to the light. Looking across to the main gate, Griegir realised how his followers had been allowed to enter: the sentries were also badly disguised followers of Chaos.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Nurgle Followers and Foldio

Well, I've been adding to my Nurgle warband ready for more RoC dice rolling on the 7th April. Painting has been a non-entity since the last game, but I have managed some minor conversions for the new arrivals.

In addition, this week my foldio arrived! Here it is:

Thursday 20 February 2014

The Warband Groweth

After our first day of gaming, we collectively agreed that an extra roll on the retinue table was needed, in the hope that games being a matter of who won the single combat in the middle of the battlefield could be avoided.

My new addition turned out to be 4 cultists of Nurgle lead by a sorcerer magus (level 10). This sounded good to me, but then I hit a wall! I could not find any cultist figures that fitted the RoC range. I hunted numerous forums for ideas and did multiple searches on EvilBay (finding one suitable set of figures on a 'buy it now' for about £300!!!).

Saturday 15 February 2014

The Champions Converge!

Today Rab, Malc and myself got together for our first Realm of Chaos warbands gaming session. 3 Warbands had 3 games in the day. Although I will do a more narrative description of future sessions, here is brief outline of todays battles:

The first battle saw Rab's Tzeentch champion ambushing my Nurgle band in a cavern, attempting to steal a scroll he carried. We had minimal scenery, but managed to make do.

The campaign is imminent!

First gaming day of RoC warbands and 3rd Ed WHFB for nearly 20 years today!

Bag packed and really excited. 

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Glory to Papa Nurgle

In preparation for the start of our narrative campaign of RoC warbands, here is my attempt at a champion of Nurgle: