Tuesday 9 September 2014

An Elf on a Quest to Oldhammer

I present to you the young Prince Epheldir:

Youngest of his brothers (and with but a single younger sister), Epheldir is drawn to seeking adventure in the lands of men. Fascinated by the way these short-lived beings squander their limited time in the world.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Hard BOYLed Treats - The Overdue, "What I bought at my weekend at theFoundry"

Ok, so I should really have (and intended to) posted this about two weeks ago. However, with a week in Wales at the Mother-In-Law's, exam results and preparing for a new job at a new school, I have been remiss and not put this tease of toys on my blog.

Anyway, I grew up reading 2000AD and have always loved the comic series containing big robots what kicks a*se!