Sunday 20 December 2020

All Skool Rogue Trooper - Solo style

So, tier 4 has hit my area. As we're not allowed out and everyone else in the house is occupied, I finally have time to try the solo rules for GW's Rogue Trader game from back in the day.
Of course it's nice to be able to play with the classic minis as well. 

Having lost the White Dwarf the they were published in, I used my Google-fu to find a copy of the solo rules (now printed and laminated for safe keeping). 
The game play is quite simple and events in the game link back to the original comic.

For instance, I got attacked by Major Magnum. 
And then a turn later, shot at by Sniper Morgan! 
I even got to use the Souther model, not originally released with the Rogue Trooper range, as a deserter companion. 
In the solo game, your time is limited by the number of Rogue cards; one being drawn every turn. I managed to find the Traitor General with fewer than 10 turns left in the game. 
And then he escape from Millicom after the second round of combat! 
I managed to catch up with him, hiding behind fortifications. 
But alas, time was against me. With one turn left, I had run out of ammunition. 
And so Rogue failed this time and the Traitor General escaped. 

However, a game that takes about an hour and a half going down to the last possible turn is a good game for me. 

I aim to have another go at it in the next few days.