Friday, 8 August 2014

A cheeky little trial run of vroom vroom

Since Mister Rab was engaged in the start of the BOYL siege, and some of us had nothing special going on, Cheetor kindly invited me to join him along with Just John and Otter Von Bismark to a trial run of the Gorkamorka game to be played on Sunday morning.

Imamu's boys pile in Talisha to go for a Gasoline run.

Since Just John didn't have a vehicle, he used 7 ratling snipers (seen here around the statue guarding the gas).

Starting off the game, Cheetor heads up the slope in an attempt to run down the ratlings on the hill and quickly fails a thrust test.

My crew go to rush forward, but fail their first thrust test. Turns in Gorkamorka appear to be very short!

Otto VB moves towards the Gasoline in his first turn and the Ratlings take out Cheetor's twin-linked autocannon. As the first move of turn 2, Imamu's lads run down a ratling and burn another to death with a shot from the flamer carried by one of the gang. Shots at Ott VB's truck having no affect what so ever.

Cheetor then tries to continue the runt squashing game, but both manage to jump out of the way.

Continuing with his turn Cheetor thrusts all the way to the statue and the Mushroom Kloud jump out to head for the gas tanks. Two out of the three fail their initiative tests and fall over.

OVB takes a moment to line up a ram on my vehicle and shoot at some ratlings. The ratlings avenge their fallen by killing my driver with a well aimed sniper shot.

Turn 3 and OVB rams Imamu's beloved Talisha! This is endgame for my guys who all die as they are thrown from the wreckage. However, OVB also managed to kill his own driver in the ram and permanently immobolise his trukk.

Not content with the carnage caused so far OVB disembarks his boyz and charges the party bus. 

It was about this point when the guilt of keeping the Ansell family from being able to go off duty, a torrential downpour and the fact that bearly any of us had a workable force that we declare that the ratlings were the winners and packed away.

It was a fun (and very silly) game. I look forward to playing the full version with more vehicles (and no evil little ratlings!) on Sunday morning.

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