Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cursed Angels do the Judging - Sat morning [BOYL2014]

Pa Angel knew that those danged Judges were holed up in the building in front of them. It had taken some quick rangling of the muties to put a ambush together before they could be extracted, but he had done it. Now, standing ready with his family around him, he gave the signal to attack....

[Pa gives his clan their instructions for the battle]

[The Judge have taken cover waiting for their ride out of the Cursed Earth]

With muties and Cursed Earth scum on all sides of them, the Judges look to be in trouble...

[The scene is set for some Judge killin']

Chico was GMing this game and had kindly accomodated anyone who fancied a game. This meant that balance might have been an issue, but Chico did a great job of evening the odds when needed.

[The Judge's decide to spread out and use the cover to take the fight to their wouldbe ambushers]

As the two of the Judges came out the building Pa saw him; that varmit Dredd was here! Without a hint of concern for his boy's wellbeing, Pa turn Mean's dial as far as it would go. "Sick 'im boy!"

"Sure Pa!" replied his son as he charged towards the facist fiend.

In the mean while a Paddy Wagon had arrived on the far side of the battle along with three Judge on Lawmasters. The wagon was dispatched by a very lucky shot from a lascannon, but these events didn't concern Pa. It was just some other Cursed Earth scum getting deaded. It's not like they was family or anything.

[The Angel Gang move up and spot Dredd is one of the Judges]

As Mean charged forward Judge Giant jumped from his walled cover to face the maniac. The battle was brutal and brief, ending with Mean unmoving on the floor. Pa screamed in frustration and turned to the Gang's additional member, The Judge Child. With an innocent smile upon his face, the child touch two fingers to his temple. The whole of the Angel Clan felt something change and turned to the noise of a familiar ROAR! Somehow Mean was alive and taking a Swing at Dredd himself!

[Thanks to the Judge Child Mean is resurected directly into combat with Dredd]

As Mean tackled The Man, Pa and the rest of the boys were attacked from their flank. Those cowardly Judges had ambused them during their ambush! Over all the low down indignities! Junior and Fink fell first and the the Judge Child was hit. Pa caught the falling boy and decided a tactical withdrawal would be prudent. He wistled the retreat to his boys and ducked into cover to sneak away. Damn them danged judges, if they'd played fair they'd all be dead now like he planned! Don't they know how darned unjust that was!

[Mean gets luck and actually manages to KILL JUDGE DREDD!!!] 

As they all ran back to the hideout to the sound of Pa's cussing about the 'Heathen Unbeliever that is Dredd's" luck, Mean stops running. The others duck for cover, thinking that he has seen Judges following them. But then the grating metallic laugh of Mean draws them from hiding:

"I got him, Pa! I killed Dredd!"

"Praise The Lord!" Pa cried "Praise him in his wisdom! For He has felled the unbeliever!"

"But Pa I dun it! I didn't see no Lord ripping Dredd's guts out!"

Mean didn't have time to stop Pa slapping him across the face. "You were his vessel, boy! Now let's skirt round and see if the rest of them so called Law have gone and whether they've left us anything to eat!"

I really enjoyed this game and couldn't believe how lucky I was to take out Dredd himself with his embittered enemy Mean Angel.

Chico did a great job of running the game and all the players had a fantastic approach towards the game.

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