Thursday, 14 August 2014

Vroom Vroom Dakka Dakka - Sunday Morning BOYL2014

This is the third of four installments of my game write ups from BOYL. Today is the turn of Sunday morning's game of Gorkamorka using Vehicles that we had made. The Line up was...

Whiskey Priest's Death Cab (Humans)
Otto Von Bismark's Da Red Shadowz (Orks)
Asslessman's Kill Dozer (Squats)
Axiom's Brattmobile (Humans)
Cheetor's Mushroom Kloud Tour Bus (Orks)

Note: The amazing Captian Crook was the actual creator of the Killdozer also created data cards for the vehicles and cards to use when determining order of play each turn.

All started well, with the vehicles reasonable spread out around the table.

JB in a rash move, decided to actually go for the gasoline tanks that are part of the objectives, rather than aim at other vehicles! 

Axiom's Bratt's overshoot the tanks in their suped up limo.

WP takes the opportunity to make the first ram of the game. This had no real effect, so was more of an ice-breaker in Gorkamorka terms.

Imamu's boys begin chasing the Killdozer, but the Ld 9 of the Squats makes them hard to hit.

The Bratt's try to sweep around the outside and their bike arrives in the conflict zone.

The bike shows some skills avoiding a T-bone ramming from the Killdozer.

Imamu's ride "Talisha" makes the first effective ram against Da Red Shadowz, immobilising the vehicle but leaving the crew (including one armed with a plasma pistol) to disembark and shoot things up.

The other vehicles all rev their engines, trying to gain some advantage.

Remeber that plasma pistol I mentioned a moment ago.....

The Bratt's biker shows that avoiding the Killdozer was a fluke as he swerves into one of the two inanimate objects (a rather large and obvious building!) an exploads.

The Killdozer tries to take out the Brattmobile, but fails and continues it's slow trudge to drop off the gasoline it's carrying.

The Ork's shooting takes it's toll leaving the Bratt mobile driverless.

As the Deathcab picks up some gasoline, The Bratt passenger and last survivung member of Imamu's gang shoot it out (the Bratt won).

The Deathcab makes a daring run around the battlefield in the hopes of getting to their base marker to deliver its cargo.

The game ended with JB (Asslessman) winning. Beyond that I remember that Sean (OVB) was close, despite being the first to loose his vehicle.

It was a deliberately light-hearted game for Sunday morning and it did the job beautifully,

Thank you to Cheetor for writing the scenario and to all involved for a fun game.

The next post will be my favourite game of the weekend, Confrontation....

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