Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Gathering of Immortals - Saturday Afternoon BOYL2014

This is post is a brief account of the second (organised) game that I took part in at BOYL. The premiss of the game was a 'gathering' of immortal beings, fighting until there was only one left alive (this may sound a little familiar to anyone who has seen anything from the 'Highlander' franchise.

Here is a line up of our immortals. The idea originally grew from the idea of play a game using Sensei (a good(ish) alternative to Chaos Renegade from the RoC book: The Lost and The Damned).  Each player had a Sensei and two lackeys. The scenario was designed by Cheetor and he decided that we would use the Necromunda rules for the game. JB (Asslessman) made some fantastic cards for us to use to determine turn order and to  randomly issue skills.

After a random draw to set up starting positions, we began. Play was high energy from the off. Play on Whiskey Priest's s fantastic Ferrograd board and only using the central section, there was little or no room to run away from a fight.

Cover was plentiful, but with so many players it was not possible to hide from every direction.

Sculking around the edge of the board was the only way to move around without being shot at.

In the open section in the centre of play contained the two 'Holy Ground' pieces of terrain: The Aquila and the Astartes statue. Reaching these with your Sensei gave you the chance to gain a skill and activate a turn of safety from the other Sensei (but not their lackeys).

First blood went to the Kurgon dispatching a Sensei and healing the wounds suffered from shooting.

Sensei took wounds like normal models, but their last wound could only be taken in HtH with another Sensei.

Blanche was the second to experience the 'quickening' after a battle with Connor McLambert that lasted several turns.

Lafy Nkiruka was next in on the act. She clearly enjoyed the sensation as it became a habit...

Ramirez then experienced his first swing on the 'invisible' wires.

Shortly followed by The Lady dispatching the Kurgon. (To my shame I had not heard Sean declare that he was hiding, so should not have been able to charge him. Unfortunately Sean also forgot in the heat of the moment, so the Kurgon was dispatched. Sean took this very well, a true sportsman of the gaming world!)

Finally, Nkiruka beheaded Ramirez clearly showing the flaws in the Necromunda combat system. Despite these characters being closely match, lucky rolling for me ending with 9 wounds being scored in a single round of combat!!!! It was no surprise that Paul was unable to save all of them.

It was a very fun game. I would like to play a proper Sensei warband one day and will be creating a warband to include as part of a Rogue Trader 40K force to play in the future (perhaps BOYL2015, who knows).

Thanks to all who played and in particular to Paul for the scenario, Colin for the gaming table and JB for the cards of our Sensei and their skills.

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